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Upon joining the EU, when registration a transport vehicle in Latvia, you will be asked additionally to show the individual certificate of accordance for the transport vehicle (the certification is a technically-administrative accordance acknowledging procedure for a single transport vehicle, performed by the CSDD, to evaluate if it is according to the technical normative and the ministries rule Nr.505) for all vehicles whose year of release is dater on or after the 1. January 2001 – despite its mark or country. Jouker Auto Auctions deals with all transport vehicle individual sertification according to the demand from the EU, to successfully register the transport vehicle at the CSDD.

Cars, that are being imported to Latvia from countries beyond the borders of the EU, and are from the release year 2001 or younger, in case of necessity, the back lights have to be changed adding the yellow winkers and winkers of the front lights have to be changed as well. It is not necessary to purchase new lights, as it is possible to change the existing ones without problems.

If you require a more detailed information about the certification of the vehicle, please feel free to contact us.