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About us

Jouker Auto Auctions is taking part in the car-selling business since 2003. In the result of many successful years, the company has become a reliable member of this business. This company delivers vehicles from the biggest auction companies in the USA.

The size of the American car market is impressive, and it is possible to choose from a wide exposure of cars there. There is a wide offer of the usual car marks for European customers, like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, but also less known, more exclusive and specific cars, mainly intended for the USA car market. This market is especially attractive because of its low prices. A car, purchased in the USA, and with all the shipping and custom payments costs less then an identical car bought in the European car market.

Jouker Auto Auctions, after the clients order, finds the matching vehicle, and purchases it from one of the auto auctions. The company also makes sure that the desired vehicle gets transported to Latvia, deals with the custom formalities, certification and helps the customer to register the car.

Mainly, the vehicles get purchased in two types of auctions:

  • insurance auto auctions;
  • auto dealer auctions.

Cars that are involved in insurance accidents are sold on insurance auto auctions. Those cars were involved in a car crash, have been stolen or were damaged in a nature turbulence. If this kind of car gets purchased, you have to be ready for additional repair expenses, that cant be precisely estimated in the moment of purchase. But despite of that, these cars are very marketable, and our clients often buy them, because of the low prices.


Auto dealer auctions unite such auto sellers like banks, leasing companies, car manufacturers and government agencies. The buyers in those auctions are retail dealers from the USA, and beyond its borders. Auto dealer auctions provide with the safest and most reliable way to purchase a car in the USA. The cars are in a good technical and visual condition and the purchaser is provided with a wide and detailed information about the car and its technical condition, which is important when buying a car using the internet.

Jouker Auto Auctions is a company, that is providing a qualitative and personal service to our customers. We will try to ensure the best solution for your cars purchase!