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Auction rules

If you want to purchase a car from us:

  • In the homepage browser choose a vehicle you would like to buy;
  • Get in touch with us and we will provide a more detailed information about the chosen car and the purchasing process, we will offer you the best solution for buying your desired vehicle;
  • To take part in the auction, you have to pre-pay 10% of the total cost of the car, you have chosen to buy (but not less then 500.00 USD). This pre-payment has to be done till the beginning of the auction. The pre-payment will be returned to you, if you will not be able to buy your desired vehicle. In case of a purchase, the pre-paid amount will be taken away from the total cost of your purchase;
  • The next day after a successful auction, a contract between you and Jouker Auto Auctions will be made, and a bill will be made for the remaining amount of money, that consists of the price of the car you purchased, an auction tax, an international tax, Jouker Auto Auctions commission, loading and storage expenses and the price for the money transfer. This bill has to be paid within 2 days after the auction. If 2 days after the making of the contract (until 13:00) the needed amount of money is not transferred into our bank account, you have to pay extra 50 USD for each day the money is not paid. If we dont receive the payment within 7 days from the contract signing moment, the auction company places the purchased but unpaid vehicle for a repeated auction, and you loose your pre-paid money;
  • Two work days before the car gets delivered to Latvia, you will receive a bill for the shipping expenses. After you have paid the bill, Jouker Auto Auctions will provide you with the necessary documents to settle with the paperwork;
  • The estimated time from the auction, till the car is delivered in Latvia is 6 weeks.